Screw compressors operate particularly efficiently thus your economic choice for situations where a continuous compressed air supply or high rates of free air delivery is required. Both oil injection-cooled and oil-free screw compressors are suitable to be used as base-load machines in networked compressor systems. Pressures available : 7.5 / 8 - 10 and 13 bar.

Paint Line Series : C Series

The BOGE Paintline is based on an oil injection cooled screw compressor in combination with special filter technology. This enables purity Class 1 to be reached for solid impurities and residual oil content and Class 4 for water content. The Paintline range allows you to generate extremely pure , oil free compressed air that is precisely tailored to the needs of industry and the trades, particularly in the field of surface technology.

Piston Compressors

BOGE Piston compressors are the ideal choice for fluctuating compressed air consumption and peaks in demand, In the event that your compressed air supply is not geared towards constant peak load operation, our piston compressors are the ideal choice. Their design makes them capable of offsetting fluctuating compressed air consumption with peaks and frequent changes in load. Pressures available :8 - 10 - 15 - 30 - 35 and 40 bar pressure

High Pressure Boosters : SRHV 40 Bar Piston CompressorsE

The BOGE Booster is the perfect solution for very high discharge pressures. It uses pre-compressed, pre-treated air from an existing network or from a low-pressure compressor, which is then compressed to the desired higher discharge pressure up to 40 bar – ideal for industrial applications.

• Flex Pet System

The optimally adapted, oil-free compressed air system for every PET bottle size: BOGE FLEXPET succeeds with its flexible structure. A screw compressor generates control air of 11 bar with a pressure dew point of -40 ° C. The Booster compresses the air relative to the needs of the higher final pressure of 40 bar. This avoids unnecessary higher compression - for energy-efficient work!

• BOGE Converter BLUEKAT : Oil to Oil Free : Guaranteed!

The BOGE Converter guarantees, in terms of residual oil content, a permanent Class 0 compressed air quality rating in accordance with ISO 8573-1, as well as oil-free condensate. A catalyst converts the oil and active hydrocarbons in the compressed air into water and CO². In contrast to conventional filter systems like activated carbon, the air quality is constant. Additionally, unlike oil compressors, the compressed air quality is not dependent on the hydrocarbon content of the ambient air. The catalyst works independently of the temperature and humidity of the reprocessed compressed air.


Original Maintenance Parts : Cairpac

Regular maintenance and exclusive use of BOGE original parts are the best ways to ensure a long-lasting, efficient, fully-functioning and optimally efficient compressed air supply by using both the servicepak and Cairpac 3000

Hospital / Medical Equipment

Since 2009, medical air in hospitals has qualified as a drug, which the hospital or pharmacist is responsible for. Both the high supply quantities and purity requirements for medical air filters in hospitals are a great challenge. The air must be completely oil-free and meet the requirements set by local and international standards. Compliant with : Medical devices directive 93/42/ EC ; DIN EN ISO 7396-1 ; DIN EN ISO 14971 and DIN EN ISO 9001 / 13485 The statutory requirements are correspondingly high in this highly sensitive area - after all, the safety of patients and medical staff is at stake here. The use of highlyefficient energy-saving technologies in conjunction with ultra-modern controlling, monitoring and visualization concepts ensure all requirements for the medical sector are met. These include the PO , EO , HST and K range machines.

Oxygen PSA Generator

The BOGE oxygen PSA generator produces oxygen for your needs. Your dependence on an inflexible oxygen supply is now a thing of the past, and there’s no more need to store potentially dangerous high-pressure containers. The BOGE generator produces oxygen of a purity between 90 and 95%. No supplier could offer you such a constant and economical supply at this level.

Nitrogen Membrane Generator : BOGE N..M Series

In membrane technology, the compressed air supplied is separated from other gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and steam using a membrane made of hollow plastic fibres, so that enriched nitrogen forms. Unlike in the PSA technology, there are few mechanically stressed components, the generators are more compact, and the product dew point is considerably lower with up to -70°. In addition, there is no need for an adsorption or refrigeration dryer, no for an air tank between the air compressor and the nitrogen generator.

For industrical and commercial use

Best air compression

Nitrogen PSA Generator : BOGE N..P Series

With the BOGE nitrogen PSA generator, you can produce nitrogen to your individual needs. Forget inflexible supplies. With this generator, you can adjust power delivery, quantity and purity. And the best thing? It’s not only more efficient, but you can always expand and upgrade this system.

High Speed